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Motorola XOOM gets a CPU overclock to 1.5GHz, gets blazing fast

The Motorola XOOM packs some serious punch under the hood and there’s hardly an Android application that would require more. However this doesn’t stop the hacking community to try and squeeze every last drop of performance out of dual-core Cortex-A9 CPU (you know, just in case).

We just got news that an XDA-developers forum member has successfully managed to increase the clock speed to 1.5 GHz with a few kernel modifications. And it’s not the see-what-I-have-here kind of deal – you can follow a short tutorial and get the extra power on your very own XOOM.

Of course, you will need to unlock your bootloader (thanks for that, Moto) and root your tablet first, but how-to guides on those two are available as well. And with benchmark results after the overclock surpassing 3100 on Quadrant and 47 MFLOPS on Linpack it might be worth the trouble.

Just don’t do anything stupid and only start with the hacking if you know what you are doing.



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