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Motorola launches new ‘Lazy Phone’ ad campaign for the Moto X

Motorola has released a new ad campaign for the Moto X. Called the ‘Lazy Phone’, the new ads concentrate on some of the key new features of the Moto X, such as the hands-free voice recognition functionality.

There are three ads so far, each of which features an actor who represents your current phone. In the first ad a guy is trying to play a song using just his voice but the ‘phone’ urges him to touch him instead whereas the Moto X can do the same with just a voice command.

The second video shows the Active Display feature on the Moto X, where you can see notifications on your screen with a simple swipe up instead of digging through your phone.

Lastly, the third video shows the quick camera launch feature that lets you start the camera using a flick of your wrist.

The ads are genuinely amusing and do a great job of showing off the phone’s features without going after any particular brand. The use of an actor to represent a phone is also a brilliant move.

You can watch all three ads below.


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