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A Moto 360 successor with new screen leaks – fully round, higher resolution

The Motorola Moto 360 was the first round-screened Android Wear smartwatch, though since then a number of competitors have appeared. The 360, despite its name, had a characteristic “flat tire” design – a small section of the bottom was cut off to make room for the touchscreen’s control elements.

A leaked product render shows a properly round screen, while keeping the thin bezels.

The thin bezels were the reason for the flat tire design, they left no room for the screen’s control hardware. It seems that Motorola’s engineering team has solved the issue with the new screen, which also has slightly higher resolution – 360 x 360px, up from 320 x 290px.

It’s not yet clear if the extra resolution is due to an increase in screen size or if just makes it slightly sharper. The current Moto 360 has a 1.56″ screen (40mm), which is about as large a screen as you might want on your wrist. For comparison, the LG G Watch and the Watch Urbane have a 1.3″ screen.

Previous leaks showed that the Moto 360 successor will be highly customizable, something Motorola devices are famous for at the moment.

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