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Motorola Moto 360 with metal band on pre-order on Verizon

The Motorola Moto 360 smartwatch sold out soon after it was released. If you wanted a metal wrist band you were out of luck even if you got to the store in time – Motorola released the phone with a choice of two leather bands saying it will make it available with a metal band later on.

Now however, Verizon has put the metal strap version on pre-order for $300 with a choice of Black and White (more like silver) colors.

The regular price is $250 so you pay a $50 premium for the metal band. That’s still better than getting a metal band after the fact though, then it will be $80 extra (that puts the price of the leather band at $30).

You’ll have plenty of time to consider the merits of a metal band though, if you pre-order a Moto 360 from Verizon now it will ship on November 11. Presumably the leather strap version will be back in stock before then.

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