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moneto NFC MicroSD card for Android and case for iPhone unveiled by DeviceFidelity and SpringCard

DeviceFidelity and SpringCard have launched the moneto NFC-enabled MicroSD card for Android smartphones and NFC-enabled case for iPhone. Those allow you to add NFC capabilities to your regular Android smartphone or iPhone and use services like MasterCard’s PayPass.

The moneto MicroSD is storage-less and will set you back $30 while the iPhone case will cost $79.95 with a preloaded $10.

Not all droids will be supported by Q2 this year so be sure to double check before rushing to buy the NFC microSD card. As for the iSide of things – the case supports the iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, and iPhone 3G and is already available for online ordering in the US but stock is said to be limited. The moneto microSD card rollout is set for the next few weeks.

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