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MindRDR lets you control Google Glass with your brainwaves

This may sound like something straight out of science fiction, but you can now control Google Glass with just your mind.

All you’ll need is MindRDR’s software and a Neurosky EEG biosensor headset, and you’ll be good to go.

Now it bears mentioning that the combination of the Neurosky and Google Glass on your cranium won’t give you telekinetic powers, despite making you look like a huge weirdo. However, the EEG biosensor headset, working in conjunction with MindRDR, can monitor your brainwaves to have your glass headset take pictures and upload them automatically to Twitter or Facebook. That’s all the functionality it has for now, however.

So how does it work? MindRDR will display a white line on your Google Glass screen. The more you concentrate on the white line (the Neurosky will measure your brain waves to see if you’re doing so), the further it moves up. When it reaches the top, it’ll automatically take a picture of whatever you’re looking at. If you want to upload the photo, just rinse and repeat and voila! You’ve taken a picture and uploaded it online by using only the power of your mind.

The creators of MindRDR aren’t trying to create the world’s next batch of super villains who control death robots using their brains, though. Their intentions are a bit more noble: they believe that their software has the ability to help those who are disabled, paralyzed, or anyone who suffers from movement disorders. If these individuals are able to navigate computer technology without having to use their limbs that are otherwise incapable of doing so, then they’ll be able to interact with the world in a way that they aren’t able to do now.

Does anyone have high hopes for this technology? Or would you need to try it out for yourself before you make any judgments?

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