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‘Mighty Adventure’ for iOS game review

Mighty Adventure is a simple platforming game with a little twist. The game features three characters and you can switch between them any time during the game instantly depending upon the situation and their abilities.

Let’s see what the gameplay is like.


At its core Mighty Adventure is a platforming game, with the usual jumping from one platform to another. While you are doing that, you are also collecting bubbles and dodging enemies. Unlike most recent games, Mighty Adventure gives you multiple lives, so even if you die, you come back to life at a nearby checkpoint and can continue from there. This does make the game easier but it compensates in other areas.

As mentioned before, the game features three different characters. The blue one can double jump and reach higher areas, the purple one can stomp and can break through the floor to access lower regions and the red one can jump and dash mid-air.

The main objective of each level is to collect as many bubbles as you can. They are laid out such that you will have to constantly flip between the three characters to get all the bubbles. There is no warning as such and depending upon the pattern of the bubbles you have to make a split second decision switch to the appropriate character. You can’t go back if you miss something and can only jump (other than switching between the characters) so you have to time your jumps correctly and switch to the appropriate character if you want to collect all the bubbles.

This sounds easier than it is and often you have little time to think. It was impossible for me to choose the right character just in time every time I started a new level and only after repeated playbacks and memorizing the general layout of a level did I manage to switch characters on time. It’s hard to collect all of the bubbles in any level but depending upon how many you collect you get 1-3 stars at the end.

Upon completing one level you unlock the next. There are 40 levels in total right now. If you don’t have the patience to play all of them to unlock them, you can unlock them all for an additional $0.99, which is the only IAP available in the game. There are not a lot of levels at the moment and if you are dedicated enough you can complete all of them in a couple of hours. Completing all with three stars each will take a lot longer, though.

Graphics and Sound

Mighty Adventure does look quite nice, with bright, colorful levels and some good animations all-round. If you have a Retina iPad the game will look even more stunning. The music, however, wasn’t particularly good. There was also an issue where the music would sometimes drop when the game was restarted and you would only have to play with the sound effects, although it would come back at next restart or level.


Mighty Adventure is quite an enjoyable game and you’ll love it if you are a fan of platforming games. I especially liked the gameplay mechanic of having three characters that you can (and have to) switch between at any time during the game. I wish there were more levels but for $1.99, I think the game is pretty good value as it is.

Rating: 8/10
Pros: Fun gameplay, attractive visuals
Cons: More levels would have been appreciated

Download: App Store


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