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Microsoft’s HoloLens promo video arrives, quickly goes viral

Sci-fi has always had a thing for virtual reality, and it appears that is not just fiction writers. In real life we’re slowly inching our way there, trying to get the augmented kind working properly at this point. With the Google Glass project on hold, Microsoft is up to offer an alternative with its HoloLens.

And a great alternative at that, if you judge by the response its promotional video is receiving on YouTube. With over 3 million views in the first 11 hours since launch, the geeks thirst for an immersive interactive experience is obvious, and it’s still encouraging developers to pursue the realization of the concept.

The enthusiasm does seem to have quieted down after the initial hype, but the comments show a general warm reaction. That’s not to say there aren’t many skeptics of course.

It has to be pointed out that Microsoft did show some interesting real-life usage scenarios. While the CAD design case may be specific to a very small target audience, I bet explaining to your mother across the country how to connect her TV set-top-box would be a huge time-saver. Provided, of course, you described to her in detail how to use the HoloLens last Christmas.



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