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Microsoft is working on Office Now personal assistant for mobile platforms

Microsoft’s Office productivity suite will get its own personal assistant app called Office Now. Currently the application is being tested on Windows and might be released for iOS, Windows 10 Mobile, and Android.

Office Now gives a summary of one’s day at a glance. It lets users organize their routine by easily performing tasks such as schedule meetings, search for relevant emails, join a conference call, and even check Maps for directions to the meeting location.

For each activity, Office Now offers a dedicated card such as Commute, Highlights, and Missed call among others, just like Google Now. Each card shares more than basic information – the Commute card for example will show you details about the traffic and estimated travel time.

Even though Office Now offers similar functionality as Cortana, it is mostly a personal assistant for working professionals. The newcomer is more proactive in handling the user’s daily agenda than Cortana.



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