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Microsoft to pull the plug on Windows XP for netbooks on 22 October, this time for real

Microsoft wants to remind you and all of manufacturers that Windows XP sales will end on 22 October this year. After this date all netbooks must be sold with Windows 7 – probably Starter edition.

Netbooks are the very reason for Windows XP second lease of life, but its end is finally near.

According to Microsoft, 81% of all netbooks sold in the US by April 2010 came with Windows 7 pre-installed, so the end of Windows XP isn’t something to worry about.

Microsoft also reminds the support for Windows XP Service Pack 2 ends on 13 July – in about a month from now. After that the users must upgrade to Service Pack 3 or Windows 7. SP3 support will continue up to April 2014 – impressive!



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