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Microsoft Surface to launch along with Windows 8 on October 26

Microsoft has revealed in its annual report filed this week that the anticipated Windows 8 based Surface tablet will be released along with the operating system on October 26.

So far we only knew that the tablet would go on sale sometime after the launch of the OS but it’s good to know that the tablet will also be releasing on the same day.

In case you are not aware, the Surface is Microsoft’s upcoming tablet designed completely in-house by Microsoft. There will be two versions of it, the Surface, running Windows RT on an ARM-based NVIDIA Tegra processor and the Surface Pro, running Windows 8 on an Intel Ivy Bridge processor. The Surface has a 10.1-inch HD display, whereas the Surface Pro ups the resolution to FullHD. The tablet has an molded magnesium casing called VaporMg with an integrated kickstand. Microsoft will also be providing a unique soft cover for the tablet that has built-in capacitive keyboard and trackpad.

No price information is known at the moment but it is speculated that the base Surface will start at $499, same as the new iPad.



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