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Microsoft shows off Lumia 1020 and cloud services in latest video

Microsoft has released a new video that show the Lumia 1020 in action, along with its various cloud services working together.

The video shows a guy trying to restore an old bike for his dad and how he uses Microsoft products to achieve that. We see the Lumia 1020, the Microsoft Surface Pro 3, OneDrive and even OneNote in action.

Honestly, the video isn’t great. The products look like they are shoehorned into the whole story of restoring the bike. Worst of all, Microsoft isn’t really showing anything unique here. Apple ads show apps that are absolutely unique to its platform, doing things you can’t do on other devices. Even Samsung has several unique features that are only available on its products that it shows in its videos. In this ad, you can replace every product with something else and it would still work. The video does not give conclusive reason to use Microsoft products, but just shows that you can use them in this way.

Anyway, you can watch the video below and find out what you think about it for yourself. Personally, I feel Microsoft could do better.


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