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Microsoft releases Windows 8 teaser ad

With the release of their next operating system release just over a week from now, Microsoft is working hard to advertise the product and create public awareness. If you’re in the US you may have already seen Surface ads all over the place by now.

Microsoft has now released an ad for Windows 8 that will air on national television, shortly followed by several others. It’s a teaser ad that quickly goes through some of the Windows 8 features, such as the new Modern UI, multi-touch functionality and the ability to run applications side by side. There is a whole lot of other stuff going on as well, with space shuttles launching, laptops exploding and kids breaking piñatas but it’s a Microsoft ad so it was bound to be a bit weird.

Still, this new advertising campaign seems quite good and will definitely make people more curious about Windows 8 and all the new devices that will be launching on October 26.



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