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Microsoft points at Google’s blunder, urges you to switch to Bing

Microsoft has decided to make hay of the Google – Safari fiasco that took place a few months ago, for which Google got fined a cool $22.5 million by the FTC.

This message, seen when you open the Bing privacy protection page, is primarily targeted at Safari users who were wronged by Google. It tells you step by step what Google did, how they got fined and finally urges you to stop using Google and switch to Bing.

If you’re unaware of the Google – Safari situation, here’s what happened. Safari comes by default with the cookie settings set to ignore cookies from advertisers on a webpage and only store cookies from the website. This is not in the best interests of Google, who makes a living displaying ads on the Internet, so the company found a way to circumvent this situation, which resulted in a breach of privacy. Due to this Google got fined $22.5 million, the largest every imposed by FTC.

Of course, Microsoft couldn’t be happier with this news and is now asking Safari users (and basically everyone else) to switch to Bing. It remains to be seen how many people heed Microsoft’s advice. In the end it boils down to whether you give more importance to privacy or a better search experience.



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