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Microsoft OneClip app is a cloud-powered, cross-platform clipboard

Evernote is one software that will let you store images, numbers or text and make it available across devices and platforms. While there are other alternatives such as Google Keep or Apple Notes app, Microsoft is also testing a similar virtual clipboard internally.

Microsoft’s OneClip is a cross-platform clipboard app that allows to quickly copy pieces of data such as images, phone numbers or strings of text, then making it available immediately across different platforms. For instance, if you have a meeting and quickly copied the number of your client using your PC, the OneClip will make it appear through its app on any mobile platform – Windows Phone, Android, or iOS.

The objective behind the app is to store information using a PC, a mobile device or a web browser and then make it available across platforms without having to mail or send URLs. Similar to web clipping and bookmarking, OneClip aims to help you sync data across platforms with the help of cloud computing technology. We will not be surprised if the OneDrive integration plays a pivotal role in this process.

OneClip is being tested as closed beta and can be expected to release alongside the much awaited Windows 10.



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