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Microsoft drops base Surface RT price to $349

The Surface RT tablet, which was announced last year, met with lukewarm response from customers and reviewers alike. Burdened with a fairly outdated processor and an OS with few apps, not to mention priced the same as the iPad which has neither of those issues, the Surface RT was never going to set the sales charts on fire.

Microsoft seems to have realized their mistake and intend to solve at least one of those problems, by dropping the price by a cool $150 across the board. The base 32GB Surface RT now costs $349.99 whereas the 64GB model costs $449.99. If you want to get the Touch Keyboard, you’ll have to add $100 to these prices.

The price reduction will come into effect this Sunday, July 14, 2013. The price drop does make the Surface RT a bit more attractive but with a less than stellar user experience and not enough apps to download, it would be better if you spend a bit more and get the Surface Pro, assuming you must have a Surface. There’s always the iPad otherwise.



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