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Microsoft acknowledges Live Tiles causing issues on Windows Phone 7.8

Recent reports of users having issues with the LiveTile feature of Windows Phone 7.8 once again shot Microsoft into the limelight but in a bad way. After being widely criticized for failing to provide an update to Windows Phone 8, now the company has to deal with several bugs in the LiveTile functionality. And the bugs might be serious enough to warrant the ceasing of the Windows Phone 7.8 update program until a solution has been found.

According to a MSDN forum thread, the LiveTiles caused continuous web requests or failed to update the content for many users. As a result of the bugs, users are experiencing poor battery life and increased data usage.

Microsoft will be halting the current rollout of the Windows Phone 7.8 due to the Live Tile issue. However, if you already got your phone updated, you can work around the issue by unpinning and repining the live tiles but of course that’s only a temporary fix.

The company is trying to sort the issue and the fixes might be included in a upcoming OS update. Unfortunately, there is no official confirmation on a schedule for the fixes. Let’s hope it won’t be long.



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