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MEGA file-sharing app now available for Windows Phone as well

If you have run short on file-sharing options on your Windows Phone, fret not, as the the new MEGA app is now available. The cloud storage service heir to controversial Megaupload had been available on Android, iOS or BlackBerry, but is now finally being brought to the Microsoft platform.

It’s a version Beta, meaning the rough edges have been dealt with, but still requires some polishing.

With such turbulent past, the company is keen to stress the legality of the service, as well is privacy and security. The data being uploaded is encrypted on the client device before sending, so neither your Internet provider, nor MEGA, nor anyone else can access it. That is, unless you decide to share it, of course.

At 50GB of free online storage space it’s also one of the most generous offers out there. It’s funny, however, how the MEGA page in the Windows Phone app store recommends Firefox or Chrome for desktop usage.



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