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Meet the Sigma dp Quattro line of cameras

Sigma’s new dp line of cameras may resemble projectors, but they’ve been designed that way for a purpose: better grip and handling.

Ergonomics aren’t the only boasted improvements on their newest line-up of cameras, however.

There are three new cameras in the Sigma dp Quattro series: the dp1, dp2, and dp3. Each of the three cameras in the line-up sports a Foveon X3 20MP sensor, an upgrade from its previous 15.3MP unit. The new line also has better battery life in addition to taking higher resolution photos.

You should be able to take pictures more quickly with the latest line-up, thanks to the speedier TRUE III image processor that’s on board. Lens-wise, the dp1 and dp3 will have 19mm wide-angle and 50mm telephoto optics. The dp2 will come with a 30mm f/2.8 lens.

Pricing hasn’t been announced for the new line, but expect to pay a pretty penny for them.

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