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MeeGo to be merged into Tizen open source project, Samsung will join Intel on the helm

There are some good news and some bad news for the MeeGo fans out there. The good news is that their platform isn’t dead, despite Nokia giving up on its development. The bad news is that MeeGo will have to go through another transformation in order to live on. So it’s so long to MeeGo, long live to Tizen.

Latest news is that Intel has finally found the partner it was looking for to help it shape MeeGo in Samsung. The Koreans will join Intel and The Linux Foundation in the development of Tizen – a new open-source project, of which Meego will become a part of.

The encouraging thing is that the MeeGo team will be joining the project as well and they are assuring us that the transition from MeeGo to Tizen will be smooth for developers.

The new OS should mostly count on HTML5-based applications, as their creators believe that this is the future. However, there will still be an NDK released for those that prefer to do native code.

The new platform and its SDK should come in Q1 2012 so we’ll soon find out how the transition goes. It will also be interesting to see how the new OS will affect Samsung’s proprietary Bada and if the Nokia N9, which just started shipping will ever get to run Tizen.



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