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Turn your Lumia 1020 into a fully-functional surveillance drone for 4,990 Euro with the Lehmann LA300

This one is for straight-up supergeeks with way too much cash to burn so if you don’t fit into the category you may want to skip it. Only a day old, the PureView-driven Nokia Lumia 1020 has got itself the most expensive accessory it could have asked for.

Built by Lehmann Aviation the LA300 is a drone, to which the Lumia 1020 attaches, that can fly as high as 15 kilometers (that’s about 9.3 miles for you Imperial users), for as long as 30 minutes, at speeds of 20-80 km/h (12/49 MPH) and will withstand temperatures between -25 °C up to +60 °C (-13 °F to 140 °F). The only bad thing is the price tag – you’ll need to shell out a whole €4,990, and no that does not include the Lumia 1020.

It needs a Windows 8-powered tablet to make out a flying course, after which the data is transmitted to the drone via Wi-Fi and then you just let it fly (launching it by hand).

The LA300 drone can be used for aerial photos, surveillance, what have you. It’s got a wingspan of 92 cm and length of 45 cm and looks pretty cool.

So if you like the idea, it all you need now are 5 thousand Euro, a Lumia 1020 and Windows 8 tablet and you’re all set.



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