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Make the Apple logo on your iPhone backside glow with this awesome hardware mod

As far as hardware mods for the Apple iPhone 4 go, this is one of the coolest we have seen. And the considerable boost in the exterior is achieved by modifying just the apple logo at the back.

Thanks to the UK-based company iPatch, you will be able to make that logo glow, just like it does on the MacBook lineup. And you won’t be sacrificing anything in terms of thickness or usability.

Unfortunately, the creators say that the mod is quite hard to apply by someone without good knowledge of the iPhone internals, so you’d need to go to a repair center for that. The other bad news is that the tools and materials required for the mod will cost the hefty £50 – £100, when they are made publicly available next month.

Still, it might be worth it, if you don’t plan on switching to iPhone 5, when Apple announces it in the coming weeks.

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