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Machinarium arrives on Android

Popular and award winning puzzle solving game Machinarium has landed on Android. It’s available on the Play Store for $3.99 and only works with devices that have an HD display.

The game involves guiding a little robot through a steam punk world and to progress to the next stage you have to solve puzzles. You move the robot around by touching where you want it to go and manipulate objects within its reach. At times you collect certain objects by touching them and use them separately or combine them to form something to use in your environment. You get limited hints for every level to help you figure out your next move and eventually progress to the next level.

The game only works on devices with an HD display, which is not a surprise. Even on the PC and Mac the game only runs in 720p resolution and the iOS version only runs on the iPad and not the iPhone. There are already some Android phones with 720p displays and you will be able to play on them, too, but things might appear a bit too small because the game is designed with bigger screens in mind. If you have a tablet, it’s best to play on that instead of your phone.

Machinarium is a very clever and fun game for those who enjoy puzzle games and have the patience for them.



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