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MacBook Air lineup to get i7 CPU and 400 MBps NAND flash storage this month

It appears that Mac OS won’t be the only Apple thing to get a major update in July. A really juicy rumor has it that the MacBook Air lineup refresh will be announced along with the Lion availability in a couple of weeks’ time.

Right now Apple’s most compact mobile computers are more of glorified netbooks than proper laptops with their low-grade CPUs. However if the rumors are to be believed those will get a significant update, including Intel i5 and i7 Sandy Bridge processors and a latest generation NAND flash storage.

The new storage chips are said to be of the 4000 MBps variety, which should help for a significant performance bump even when you compare them to current MacBooks and their SSD.

We just can’t have enough ultra-powerful ultra-portable mobile computers so here’s hoping this one turns out true.



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