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Mac Mini may be getting refreshed soon

The Mac mini hasn’t received any hardware update love for some time.

But that might change soon though, as rumor has it that Apple is planning on refreshing its little computer-that-could.

So what gave the alleged upgrade away? Well, a screen shot of the Boot Camp support page showed support for the “Mac Mini 2014″, that is, until it was updated and removed.

Could it be a regular error? Probably not, considering that the Mac Mini hasn’t received an update since 2012. Also, since Apple has bequeathed its Macbook pro line of laptops with brand, spanking new Intel chips, an update to the Mac Mini line with top-of-the-line, core i7 Haswell processors doesn’t seem that out of the question.

If the update doesn’t turn out to be true, then it could very well be that Apple doesn’t plan on keeping the Mac Mini around much longer. Without a proper refresh since 2012, the Cupertino-based tech giant may just consider phasing out the little computing box completely.

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