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M.O.J.O. now supports OUYA games and 4K resolution

The OUYA Android console hasn’t exactly been a raging success, but the company isn’t giving up hope.

In addition to announcing a subscription service for its games, the OUYA’s titles will also be playable on another Android gaming system: MadCatz’s M.O.J.O.

So M.O.J.O. not only sports Android titles from the Google Play and Amazon App Store, but it’ll also have access to OUYA exclusive games. There have also been gripes about OUYA’s controller, and the Mad Catz pad that comes with the M.O.J.O should provide for a better experience. So if the OUYA joystick isn’t your thing but you enjoy some of the console’s titles, then the M.O.J.O. just may be the Android console you’ve been looking for. Another cool feature of Mad Catz’s console, that may just give Valve’s Steam Box a run for its money, is its ability to stream PC games through the device.

Now this functionality won’t be available out of the box, but it will be made available in an update shortly after launch.

A feature that is, however, already included with the M.O.J.O. is 4K UHD output for both games and video. Now that’s something not even the Xbox One or PS4 can boast, and there hasn’t been an official word as to whether or not Microsoft and Sony will even make this feature available on their respective consoles.

However, 4K resolution support aside, if you want someone to buy a console, then it all comes down to the games. Since the M.O.J.O. retails for $199, some may see that as a significant investment for an Android gaming device. Is PC Streaming and 4K output enough for you to invest in a M.O.J.O? Or are you still unconvinced?

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