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Lumia 535 now available in the UK for £79 off-contract, locked though

Microsoft have flooded the lower smartphone segment with a plethora of Lumia 400s and Lumia 500s. New ones are released regularly, and existing ones remain in the lineup. The Lumia 535, which stands atop the 500 series, can now be purchased for £79 off-contract.

A minor note though, off-contract doesn’t mean unlocked in this case, as the Tesco offer is limited to the carrier’s network. Still, if you’ve got your mind set on the Lumia 535, but your free spirit collides with carrier locks, Argos is there to offer you one at £89.

The Lumia 535 was launched last November and rules the the Lumia low-end with its 5-inch display of 540x960px resolution and 5MP selfie snapper. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 with quad-core CPU is the same across the model family, RAM is a Windows-typical 1GB, and built-in storage is okay at 8GB. All of this backed-up by a 1905mAh battery.

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