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LG Optimus U1 to be the company’s first Android ICS smartphone?

We just got wind of some photos of an upcoming LG smartphone, which is yet to be announced. The device will reportedly be called LG Optimus U1 and will be the company’s first handset to run on Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

Our anonymous tipster didn’t give us any more details and we cannot confirm the authenticity of the image, but we couldn’t find anything wrong with it so we’re giving it the benefit of doubt. Plus, this one looks like a Korea-bound smartphone, judging by its design and it would make perfect sense for LG to release a handset called Optimus U1 there.

As you probably know, the LG-owned telecom in Korea was recently renamed to U+ and U1 seems like a proper name for a smartphone that will be launched on it. Or it could all be a product of our wild imagination.

Anyway, the LG Optimus U1 is said to launch next year, so we’ll have to wait for quite a long time before we find the truth. We’d certainly be on the lookout for more info about it, though.

Thanks, anonymous for sending this in!



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