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LG Optimus 4X HD finally rooted, you can try it right now

It certainly took longer than usual, but the LG Optimus 4X HD defenses are finally breached and you can now gain root access to its system. A guy called qaz753 from the all-conquering XDA-developers community did the trick and was kind enough to share the magic with the rest of the 4X HD owners.

The method is a bit more complicated than on some other smartphones, but luckily there’s a step-by-step tutorial courtesy of our tipster that should be quite easy to follow. If you are interested you may find it over here, along with the required files.

As usual, keep in mind that rooting your phone might (and almost certainly will) void your warranty so proceed at your own risk. Also, we suggest you do not proceed with the rooting until you are sure you have understood all steps of the tutorial and you know what you are doing.

A hat tip to Alex for the tip!



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