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LG makes fun of the iPhone. From an iPhone.

It’s always fun to see other companies trip over themselves trying to come up with a joke on Apple every time the latter is going through some sort of controversy. This time it’s BendGate (yeah they just add -gate to everything now), where some iPhone 6 Plus units were found to be getting bent if enough force was applied to them (we’ll keep aside the fact that few were actual incidences and most were done on purpose on YouTube to get pageviews for now).

But while it’s cool to make fun of your competitors, the least you could do is, well. not use the product you are making fun of. Someone at LG France clearly forgot about this and in trying to join the #BendGate bandwagon ended up tweeting the joke from an iPhone, as revealed by Twitter.

The tweet in French in says “Our smartphones don’t bend, they are naturally curved” and features a picture of the LG G Flex, which, indeed, was curved before it was cool. But come on, the least you could do is not use an iPhone when you are making fun of it. Shouldn’t LG employees be using LG phones anyway?



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