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An unlucky LG G4 survives a two-hour long dip in water

The LG G4 is a truly impressive device and in a lot of ways, more traditional than other current flagships. An interesting YouTube video reveals that LG’s latest creation is not just good looking, but also quite tough.

The video itself follows the LG G4 as it spends over two hours submerged in water and manages to stay on in the process. This is quite an impressive feat, especially from a device that has no official IP rating. Still, the internals seem to be sealed off quite efficiently and the only real concern is shorting the battery.

Of course, electronics and water don’t go terribly well together, so after a dip like this, it’s always a good tip to remove the battery and leave the handset in a bag full of absorbent substance such as rice over a day or so.Of course, the device having a removable battery certainly helps – too bad it’s something of a rarity among smartphones there days.

Now, we can’t say for sure that the LG G4 survived totally unharmed from the whole ordeal, but, it did seem to turn on, which is definitely a good start. Just as a reminder, the LG G4 comes with a gorgeous 5.5-inch QHD display, 3GB of RAM and a Snapdragon 808 SoC. A great device that definitely deserves better than a watery grave, so, you probably shouldn’t attempt this test by yourself.

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