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LG G3 goes underwater for two hours, lives to tell the story

The LG G3 is one of the few recent flagships to come without an IP certification against dust and water penetration, but that’s not stopping it from resisting the elements regardless.

A recent video surfaced showing how it survived a full 2 hours underwater, and still came out apparently intact.

Manufacturers have relied recently on IP (ingress protection) certifications to one-up their competitors, providing many a user with bragging rights over their less fortunate friends. The latest water submersion test shows that LG G3 owners may be unofficial members of the same club.

During their launch event for the G3, LG told us that it has shied away from giving their new flagship an IP certification because it didn’t like flaps and because the quality standards set by the IP board are not clear. For example, what happens when a device rated for 30 mins of water resistance is submerged for 29 minutes, taken out, then immediately submerged again? Does a new 30 minute period begin, or do you really only have one minute left?

LG also argues that the force you impact the device with water with is also not specified. Certainly, you’re talking about vastly different needs if you’re trying to build a device to withstand a small splash of water or one to withstand a high-pressure jet. We’re sure the results would have been different in the above video if the water was splashed onto the device more forcibly.

Nevertheless, while the above video is by no means a guarantee that your own G3 will withstand water or dust to the same degree, it’s good to see that it’ll likely be OK if you happen to dunk it in some water accidentally. We recommend you don’t try it with your G3, regardless.


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