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LG G2 storms our office, we take it on an adventure

LG G2, the company’s latest flagship, has just made it to our office. Our dedicated social networks followers were the first to see a glimpse of the device, so in case you are interested in some exclusive stuff, you may want to join us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Back on G2 now. The smartphone is powered by the market’s mightiest chipset to date – the Snapdragon 800 – and features an amazing 5.2″ True HD-IPS+ 1080p display with almost non-existent bezels.

The G2 also offers a 13MP OIS camera with a LED flash, which we are going to take for a ride to see how good it actually is.

LG G2 runs on Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean skinned with the latest Optimus UI. There is a new cool way for unlocking the smartphone with double taps, Guest mode, Quick Memo and other useful features and settings. You can learn about it all in the video. Enjoy!

We are already working on our full blown review and you can expect it to appear on our homepage sometime next week.


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