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LG G Watch R is on the way out, starts disappearing from retailers

Now that LG has launched the new Watch Urbane (which we’ve just reviewed), the Korean company seems to be ready to simply let the G Watch R go. Its previous wearable has started disappearing from retailers, and it looks effectively like it’s been discontinued at this point.

Asked about the situation, LG officials have apparently confirmed that the G Watch R is being wound down. Existing stocks will be sold, of course, but production may have already stopped.

This is quite an odd thing to be happening, considering that the G Watch R has only been on sale for a few months. Then again, the Watch Urbane is LG’s third smartwatch running Android Wear to see the light of day in less than a year. The company is clearly still experimenting with this field, and sales of the G Watch R probably haven’t been extraordinary either, so it will just slowly get replaced with the newer Watch Urbane for the time being. Until a few months from now, when LG will launch yet another smartwatch, and then the cycle might repeat.



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