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LG announces Pocket Photo 2 printer with enhanced portability

LG has officially unveiled the second edition of their Pocket Photo printer. The new generation Pocket Photo is a lot slimmer and is shaping up as a nice companion for customizing, printing and sharing images on the go.

The South Korean manufacturer will be showing the Pocket Photo 2 at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on January 7.

LG’s newest on-the-go solution comes with wireless connectivity options such as NFC and Bluetooth. You can use it to print custom 5.1 x 7.6 cm images from tablets and smartphones, running iOS or Android operating system. To put that into perspective compared to your smartphone screen, this sort of paper size has a diagonal of about 3.6 inches.

Pocket Photo 2 is 4mm thinner than the previous model and the machine renders pictures at 313dpi. All you need to do to get started with the printing is to download the Pocket Photo editing app and connect your smartphone or tablets. As you can imagine, the portable printer has a built-in battery and it can print up to 30 images on one charge.

The latest version also comes with enhanced editing and customization options. There is a new set of filter effects, using which you add frames and other such add-on to glorify your image. Lastly, the Pocket Photo 2 uses ZINK technology that would supposedly eliminate the need of expensive ink cartridges. It uses varying levels of heat “to activate the necessary color-forming chemistry embedded in each sheet of paper”.

LG Pocket Photo 2 will be available in Pink, Jewel White and Lime Yellow color options. The gadget will go on sale first in China before hitting the stores across the globe in 2014.



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