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LG and Sony settle patent dispute with a cross-licensing deal

Sony and LG have finally settled their patent dispute that concerned infringed patents on smartphones, TVs and Blu-ray technology.

The dispute began after a technology sharing agreement expired three years ago and the two companies have exchanged a couple of blows in the US and European courts since then. A complaint was filed by Sony concerning LG smartphones in the US and LG accused Sony of infringing its Blu-ray video technology in the PlayStation 3. LG even got a court injunction in the Netherlands, where PlayStation 3 consoles were seized by customs.

Both companies have now confirmed, however, that the battle is over and that they have signed a cross-licensing agreement that will allow each of them to use the other’s patents. There’s no saying if any money changed hands for the agreement to be reached, though.

Well that’s one patent war down, but there are still many many more to come as the technological world currently seems to be in a full blown patent war.



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