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LG aims to be in the forefront of premium TV market with newly-unveiled lineup

On a dedicated event in Seoul today LG Electronics pulled the wraps off its global TV lineup for the 2015 model year. The company’s newly-adopted DUAL PREMIUM strategy plans to put LG in a leading position in the global premium TV market, while simultaneously expanding the upmarket segment as a whole.

The company is launching a range of OLED TV sets with 55″, 65″ and 77″ screens in flat and curved flavors. The headline in this case is the ABCD concept, or in LG’s wording:

  • Angle (A) : LG OLED TVs assure that even viewers sitting off-center will enjoy exceptional picture quality.
  • Black (B) and Color (C) : The OLED lineup incorporates several advanced display features, including LG’s proprietary WRGB OLED technology. This ensures images are rendered with perfect blacks, striking colors and infinite contrast ratio.
  • Design (D) : LG’s Art Slim design philosophy focuses on creating the slimmest TV possible while keeping the overall aesthetic simple and clean.

The Prime UHD top-end TV range sits a notch above the Ultra HD lineup and comes with an extensive list of advanced features. For starters, the TVs are equipped with 4K IPS (in-plane switching) panels for high resolution and wide viewing angles. The ColorPrime technology relies on different LED phosphor colors which should result in greater depth and realism. Ultra Luminance technology improves brightness and resolution, based on continuous analysis of the displayed content.

Most intriguingly, one of the 55-inchers in the Prime UHD range is breathtakingly thin at only 8.5mm, when major competitors are around the 40-50mm mark, the company claims. A matching stand not only pleases design aficionados but also enhances the output of the Harman / Kardon branded sound system.

LG also announced a new version of its webOS platform, which in its second iteration builds on the self-explanatory “Make TV Simple Again” concept of the predecessor. The Korean company expects that webOS will be present in no less than 1 million smart TVs by mid-2015.



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