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Leaked People Sense app by Microsoft launches on Windows Phone as SquadWatch

The People Sense Windows Phone app leaked just a couple of days ago, and now it’s gone live in Microsoft’s mobile app store. However, it’s done so under a different name. The app is called SquadWatch, though its functions are unchanged.

Internally codenamed Buddy Aware, SquadWatch is basically a location sharing app for groups of people. It’s bidirectional, so the users you add won’t see your location unless you can also see theirs.

It employs a friending system that’s based on inviting people to the app. Only when a person confirms that he or she would like to be part of your ‘squad’ will you start to see their live position on a map. SquadWatch is obviously meant more for families and close friends than for mere acquaintances, though you can use it however you wish.

As revealed by the screenshots above, you can see the members of your ‘squad’ in a map view, or in a list which features a short text detail about their whereabouts – “at work”, for example. The app shares your current location, whether or not you’re in a meeting, if you are departing from or arriving at a location, and whether you’re in motion (be that walking, running, or in transit).

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