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Latest Spotify update lets you download your whole music collection

The latest Spotify update doesn’t bring a laundry list of changes, just one important one.

The music service is making it much easier for you to download your entire music catalog for offline listening.

It’s a pretty simple process. All you need to do, after you install the latest update of course, is to select the ‘Your Music’ option, select ‘Songs’, and then swipe up to the top of the current page. Then you just pick the ‘Available Offline’ option and you’re good to go.

Before you start downloading away, you’ll want to go ahead and make sure that you have enough physical storage on your device before you do this.

Some users have had a bit of difficulty installing the latest version of Spotify on their devices and this is due to different Play Store links that are circulating the interwebs. The latest version of Spotify has been included in the source link below, so if you want to make sure that you’re getting the latest update, click on it and get to downloading!

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