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Latest Adobe Flash player for Android brings performance improvements and bug fixes, still does not support ICS

For something that they claimed to have stopped developing, Adobe sure is finding it hard to let go of the Flash Player for mobile. After their announcement last month to cease its development they released another update soon afterwards and now we have another one sitting in our Market app.

According to the release notes on the latest v11.1.111.5, it brings performance updates and bug fixes. Delving a little deeper on the Adobe website reveals that the update fixes the video streaming issue on the Samsung Galaxy S II, enables 1080p video playback for Nvidia Tegra 3-based devices and video playback fixes for video decoding.

This update, however, fails to bring support for Google’s latest mobile operating system update, Ice Cream Sandwich. With support for ICS being ignored in two updates in a row, one tends to wonder whether Adobe plans to bring Flash Player to ICS at all.



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