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Kinect-powered hack lets you you use a projector to make a huge touchscreen for your Galaxy Nexus [VIDEO]

One of the cool things about Android is that allows talented devs to create amazing things – like creating a huge touchscreen of sorts (using a projector) driven by a Samsung Galaxy Nexus that takes input from a Microsoft Kinect.

The result lets you interact with your phone through the projection screen just as if you were touching the phone’s own screen. Here’s the setup in action:

If you’re curious about how all this was made to work, it seems like it has taken a lot of effort. A custom ROM was needed to allow simulated touch events from the Kinect to be treated as native events (so any app would accept those, no specific support is needed). Then the Kinect was connected to a PC, which communicates with TuioForAndroid – droid software for Tangible user interface.

Note that this project doesn’t use the 3D-sensing capabilities of the Kinect.

Hit the source link for more details and links to some of the software used.



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