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Jony Ive says we’re surrounded by anonymous poorly made products

In a rare interview with the Sunday Times Sir Jony Ive, considered by many to be the mind behind the bulk of iconic Apple product designs, says “we’re surrounded by anonymous, poorly made objects”.

He then goes on to say that “it’s tempting to think it’s because the people who use them don’t care – just like the people who made them.”. Apple’s VP says Apple’s design is “not just about aesthetics” and that “it’s a victory for purity, integrity – for giving a damn.”

Sir Jonathan Ive has thoughts about Apple ideas appearing in other manufacturer’s products saying that “it’s theft”. For him copying design also copies the thousands of hours of struggle to make that design.

Finally when asked about Apple TV and iWatch Jony Ive said he’s not talking about that – “It’s a game of chess, isn’t it?”

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