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Jolicloud hits v1.0, tries to find a place on netbooks, end Windows rule

Windows still dominates the netbook market despite various attempts by Linux distributions to push it out. But just because you didn’t succeed at first, doesn’t mean you should give up. MeeGo for netbooks, for example, sounds great , but it’s not ready yet. So Jolicloud will try to use its hesitation in its favor and find its place under the sun. The OS that tries to appeal to users and manufacturers alike with out-of-the-box thinking just reached version 1.0.

Jolicloud is based on Linux though it tries to leverage on HTML5 and the cloud with a pinch of social networking for taste. Apps you’ve installed automatically get synced between the multiple devices you use, you can “Like” apps and your friends will be notified (here’s where the social networking comes in) and Jolicloud will take care of backing up your data to the cloud and installing the latest browsers.

Jolicloud comes with a pretty broad selection of apps and services – Firefox, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, Boxee, Hulu. The OS features a Universal File System, that is it’s easy to manage your data whether it’s stored locally or in the cloud (Jolicloud supports, Dropbox, and and new services are added).

You can check out the Jolicloud blog for more info if you’re interested. Some of the current Jolicloud users have already been invited to upgrade to v1.0 but if you didn’t get an invitation, you can check this link where several invites are handed out daily. By the end of the month all users should be updated to v1.0 and the ISO images and Windows installers for Jolicloud 1.0 should be ready soon too.



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