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JOdin3 flash tool for Samsung Androids runs on Windows, Mac and Linux

If you’ve flashed a Samsung Android device then you’ve encountered Odin and you’ve done it through your Windows PC. CASUAL recently launched JOdin3, which is written in Java and supports Linux, Mac OS X and even Raspberry Pi. You can run it in a web browser, too, if you like.

JOdin3 looks mostly like Odin3, which people are familiar with, but uses the Heimdall as a base. This means the app will require a PIT file, but it can automatically grab it for itself if you don’t have it at hand.

You can hit the XDA Developers thread for instructions on how to flash a Samsung device with JOdin3. Here’s a video that quickly goes through the process using a Galaxy Camera for demonstration.

You can run JOdin3 from the web browser here, but it’s probably best to disable Java in the browser altogether for security. You can instead download it from



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