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JLab Audio’s J.Fi.M Acoustic and JBuds J6M in-ear headphones rock [HANDS-ON]

My first experience with JLab Audio headphones goes a few years back, when I tried a pair of the company’s highly affordable JBuds. Priced at only $9.99, the earbuds certainly did not blow me away with acoustic supremacy. They were however, way too cheap to get any sort of criticism.

Recently, I got a chance to spend some quality time with two of the company’s premium offerings – the JBuds J6M and J.Fi.M Acoustic. The earbuds are crafted from the finest materials available, and come equipped with a microphone for phone use. Most importantly though, they are priced quite reasonably for what they offer at well under $100.

J.Fi.M Acoustic

I’ll start with the J.Fi.M Acoustic model. Even a brief glance at the headset is enough to tell you all about its exceptional build quality. JLab have used a blend of ebony wood and aluminum for the the construction of the earbuds. Their cable on the other hand, is reinforced with kevlar for extra durability. It also prevents them from tangling.

Inside the headphones’ retail package, you get a leather carrying pouch, as well as a whopping seven types of in-ear rubber buds in different shapes and sizes – enough for a perfect match to anyone’s ear.

And now the sound. Even the cheapest earbuds are capable of producing powerful bass and so that was expected from the J.Fi.M Acoustic. It is the highs and mids however, that truly impressed here. The combination of wood construction and 7mm titanium audio driver, specifically designed for the occasion, really come together in bringing an experience, which can easily rival headphones times more expensive.

JBuds J6M

The JBuds J6M look significantly more understated than their wood bearing siblings. The headphones make up for their lack of looks, compared to the J.Fi.M Acoustic, with a smaller size. They are also just as well put together, featuring an all-metal construction and the same kevlar reinforced cable.

The retail package of the JBuds J6M is the same as the one of the J.Fi.M Acoustic. The same pouch and seven different rubber buds are included.

In terms of sound, the metal clad, jet engine styled headphones performed quite well. The bass was not as powerful as in the J.Fi.M Acoustic model – a fact which can probably be attributed to the smaller 6mm titanium driver of the JBuds J6M, as well as the lack of wood in their construction. The mids and highs however, came out great, thus once again providing an experience, which surpasses the price tag.

Both the J.Fi.M Acoustic and JBuds J6M have a built-in microphone, and worked flawlessly when used with a smartphone. The button on the remote controls works equally well both for the telephony and the music playback.

The two headphone models both come with a suggested $99.00 price tag. You can however, pick them up at a serious discount straight from JLab Audio’s website at $69.99 for the J.Fi.M Acoustic, and $59.99 for the JBuds J6M. At a time when a good pair of headphones easily tops $100, these two are surely worth taking a look at.


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