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Skype for iPhone gets streamlined

Skype’s iPhone application has been kind of left behind its Android and Windows Phone counterparts, but it now has been overhauled.

The newest Skype for iPhone update makes the app look a lot like the Windows Phone one and brings in a lot of changes that makes using it a more pleasant experience.

For example, if you want to start a group chat, you can do so right from the hubs menu; meaning you don’t need to wait until someone comes online for you to add them. Design wise, the whole interface looks a bit cleaner and more appealing.

There are other, under-the-hood tweaks as well: the application just runs faster without as many lags or hiccups, not to mention quicker transitions when switching between chats or digging into settings. The Skype team has also gone ahead and made syncing message statuses across your various devices a faster affair.

If you are eager to try out the new Skype for iPhone then you’re just going to have to wait because the updated application isn’t available to download just yet. You’ll have to wait a week for it.

Any iPhone users out there aniticipating a better Skype experience on their handset?

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