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iPhone battery life can improve by understanding your habits

The newest iPhone may be packed with some software that can help preserve the life of your battery.

Apple isn’t just going to throw in a switch that dims the lights on your screen or switches off your 4G either, what they’ve got planned is more in line with monitoring each individual’s specific cell phone usage behavior.

A patent that’s just been filed by Apple gave some insight into the power-saving techniques for future iPhones (potentially). The phone will take into consideration just how often users power their phones: plugging your phone in during the day, or leaving it charging all night will determine whether or not the phone will always be running at full capacity, or it may dial down its power at certain parts of the day depending on your charging habits.

There are other factors that will come into play as well. Let’s say you’re boarding a long flight, the phone will enter into the battery saving mode to make sure that you have some juice once you’re on the ground.

You can check the patent out in the source below. There’s no certainty as to whether or not this battery-saving tech will make it into future iDevices, but the fact that Apple is patenting the technology is a pretty good sign.

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