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iPad’s 4G not working in Australia, Apple getting sued over false advertising [UPDATE: Apple to offer a refund]

The global success story that is the new Apple iPad just suffered a setback in Australia as the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission accused the company of false advertising. According to the ACCC, the iPad Wi-Fi + 4G commercial aired in the land of Oz was implying that the tablet could be used on an LTE network, which is impossible.

Currently, there’s only one LTE network in Australia and it uses a completely different spectrum to the one covered by the new iPad LTE radio. That’s why the Australian regulator is going to ask a federal court on Wednesday to order Apple to fix the commercial and refund any customers that were misled into buying the iPad.

An Apple spokesperson wasn’t available for comment, but we doubt the ACCC decision will have too great an impact on the new iPad sales.

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Update: According to The Verge, Apple has said that it will be offering a full refund to the customers who were confused and feel they have been cheated. Apple also said that it never specifically said that it could connect to Australia’s Telus LTE network. And indeed, if you visit Apple’s website, it clearly states that the LTE in the new iPad only works on AT&T and Verizon networks in the U.S. and on Bell, Rogers, and Telus networks in Canada.


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