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iPad grabs 1% of global browser market share, lack of Flash support notwithstanding

The popular iPad has reached yet another milestone where it has grabbed 1.03% of the global web browser market share as of June, 2011. This includes all the web browser, including desktop ones like Internet Explorer and Firefox. To put these figures into perspective, the eight year-old desktop Safari browser has a market share of 7.15% whereas the fifteen year-old Opera browser has a mere 1.11% market share as of April, 2011.

These figures are even higher in the US, where the iPad accounts for 2.1% whereas the iPhone and Android devices have 2.9% and 2.6% market share respectively. One would think that the lack of Flash would have stopped all those people from browsing the web on their iPads (or iPhones) but that certainly doesn’t seem to be happening. And with more and more websites adopting HTML5 and making iPad friendly versions, it will soon become a complete non-issue.



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