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iOS leader in mobile ad consumption, despite Android’s market lead

The latest State of Mobile Advertising coming from browser-maker Opera shows that while Android leads iOS in terms of browsing on smartphones 36% to 29% and when factoring in tablets, where Apple’s iPad is dominant the numbers are 38% for Android and 43% for Apple. Android is bringing in 32% of Opera revenues, while iOS churns in a massive 56%.

The numbers show that mobile ads are much more valuable on iOS devices. The numbers come from Opera’s Mediaworks, which serves over 60 billion monthly page impressions to some 425 million users.

Other OSes in the score combine for a pretty low margin – BlackBerry and Windows Phone account for 2.11% and 0.49% respectively and are even behind the remnants of Symbian at 4.21%.

Opera doesn’t see Android taking the lead on mobile browsing on ad revenue this year, despite showing growing numbers on both fronts, as Apple’s lead is out of reach for now.

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